Oh we are legal up in this piece! And we celebrate with the legend that is Mark Morrison: http://bit.ly/1oQk6Gq  |  We talk weekend and celebration with old school restaurant style at Papa Joe's in Orland Park: http://bit.ly/2mOqeWn  Congrats Chris and Gigi!  |  Having a proper upscale hipster meal at Scofflaw in Logan Square: http://bit.ly/2nEByZc  |  And Lula Cafe: http://lulacafe.com/  |  And we start ranting on race with the Is this Racist Podcast: http://bit.ly/2mJG3Na  |  W. Kamau Bell's podcast's: http://bit.ly/2mmUBak  |  And My Favorite Denzel Movies: http://bit.ly/2mOkThL  &  http://bit.ly/2n7GEf7  &  http://bit.ly/2mmVJuB  |  Luke Cage and the great music in it: http://bit.ly/2nEwBzG  |  And much more on race roday, woo boy.  |  But we finally get into some future tech universe ish with Sam Harris on the his podcast: http://bit.ly/1ORh3tC  |  And we end with the chill of Julian Avila's California: http://bit.ly/2nM6N1g  







More Episodes

RR13 -Croix, Intl. Women’s Day!, Marrying Purchases, Bosnian Illustrations, Strange Habits, Second Thoughts, Backwards Peace Walk, Pluto

March 9, 2017

The Baker's Dozen on the Ramble, #13.  We start of with the jams of Croix - You're The One: http://bit.ly/1UkCvyS  |   Happy Women's Day!: http://on.mash.to/2n1lmRJ  |  Get married to the shit you buy with a smart ring: http://bit.ly/2mDJmsP  |  The 3D illustrator of the day comes out Bosnia, Mr. Nermin Muminovic: https://dribbble.com/valencia  |  Questions on strange and weird habits: http://bit.ly/2mnRVHL  |  Answering Second Thoughts: http://bit.ly/2mln3WK  |  and the man who walked backwards 76 mil. steps for peace: http://bit.ly/2mltSI9  |   We end with the jams of Pluto - I won: http://bit.ly/2m4DUw8






RR7 - Audi Sandbox, Netflix in March, IRL Superhero, Street Smarts, Patreon, Sangreea Rvdical & Sam Gellaitry

February 23, 2017

Being prolific with our 4th in a row! & We've got a member page! If you want to support us & get a tee or ramble session  at https://www.patreon.com/regularramble  |  Audi is getting in the VR Game in a real way: http://bit.ly/2lQ9Rvs  |  South Carolina Superman is the hero we need today: http://on.mash.to/2lBlFPq  |  Netflix in March: http://on.mash.to/2lf3COa  |  Street Smarts:http://bit.ly/2lLuiZI  |  Women Lies: http://bit.ly/2mdhHQ4  |  10 min. of freedom: http://bit.ly/2lxinyr  |  $300 cake:http://dnain.fo/2miCluZ  |  Loyola Greek Life: http://bit.ly/2lxhHZZ  |  Rvdical the Kid - 1, 2, 3: http://bit.ly/1FU0n0A  |  Sam Gellaitry - Long Distance: http://bit.ly/1TTVWiN  |  The Colombian Cook: http://sangreea.com