Got the double 6 pack for ya with #12!  We start out with jams from the amazing S-type: http://bit.ly/2lC3pIR  |   Cop a RR Tee here:http://bit.ly/2lNQCBH  |   I ramble on about great people like The great Raoul Peck and his film 'I Am Not Your Negro' w/ Combat Jack:http://bit.ly/RBwRuE  |  and The great Malika Favre: http://bit.ly/1Fa2GNH  |  and the Great Superman who is being portrayed as lazy: http://on.mash.to/2mDyoUL  |  We get into some questions on Toronto, cute mistakes: http://bit.ly/2lVUP30  |  people who look like they have pHDs: http://bit.ly/2mDyJqv  |  Lincoln Park gets a new seafood place: http://bit.ly/2mzhyWH   |  but you can also get great seafood outside of Chicago:http://bit.ly/2mhbwaS  |  and we end it with fitting music by way of Kaytra produced, 'Average' from Lou Phelps: http://bit.ly/2mjWram  +  I got a new collabo web app called Slottytrump.com, where you can watch funny Trump videos: http://bit.ly/2nceGMA   

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