Started this thing off with my Tyrese Cover & dZdonis's Master Rainwalker: http://bit.ly/2uGz0Ot  & I get into the Rally, which is over my head, but you should be getting you news at the Majority Report (which I misspoke live): http://bit.ly/2wNTzFV  Pod Save The People: http://bit.ly/2pF296G  & FiveThirtyEight's (again misspoke) Show: http://53eig.ht/2vGorYM  & then I've got a change in the podcast because I can do that and I'm going shorter, making it more design-y and creative-y so, buckle in and I'll get back to you soon.  Ended it with Loveturl's Breathe: http://bit.ly/2vCg9mw


More Episodes

RR32 - The Best Cities List, Cubbie Baez, Social Addiction, Validation, Design Responsibility

April 18, 2017

32 on a Tuesday, we start it with Jordyn Edmonds' Feel Like Dancing: http://bit.ly/2oLdDFc  |  We get into the best cities to live in and Chicago ain't there, but Illinois reps at 2: http://bit.ly/2ok1Mx2  |  Chicago Mag's 60th love is Javi Baez: http://chi.mg/2pyagVf  |  And we talk designing apps and websites and the motivations of designers and the affects they have on users and what that says about us as a society.  Sam Harris' pod had a great designer on it, Tristan Harris: http://bit.ly/2oiBZ8f  and NPR's Hidden Brain did a great job of revealing a persons struggle with maintaining a social image: http://n.pr/1KexZZv  |  We end it with another great remix by Duncan Gerow's Lovesexmagic: http://bit.ly/2pzoOkg


RR17 - blomdaz, PodPwrRnkings, Structure, Mid-Life, Paternalism, Jan Urschel, Breakdowns, ILIVEHERE.

March 16, 2017

17. Close to being a #cigarettebuyer.  Raptronic beat from blomdaz out of Poland: http://bit.ly/2mORu7X  |  I put out my first Podcast Power Rankings: http://bit.ly/2m8dYE7  |  I have a quasi-nervous breakdown on podcast structure and answer mid-life crisis: http://bit.ly/2mAnCLX  |  And doing what your parents want: http://bit.ly/2nL9MWT  |  The art of Jan Urschel based in Singapore: http://bit.ly/2ntyiA2  |  And I ramble my way through Chicago stuff: http://bit.ly/2mADq19 & technical difficulties  |  to get to  ILIVEHERE.'s Coming Home: http://bit.ly/2nfqb9O









RR16 - Dyalla, Matrix, Iron Fist, Real Facts, Euro Benefits, Restaurants Close, Liz Warren’s in Town, Le Gone

March 15, 2017

Sweet 16 baby! New Zealand's Dyalla opens:http://bit.ly/2nGxeVB  |  They're remaking the Matrix with more minorities: http://bit.ly/2mubPxM  |  Outrage at another white superhero: http://on.mash.to/2mv3P0c  |  Wisco's Mike Winkelmann Art:http://bit.ly/2nGElwT  |  True BS Facts:http://bit.ly/1ZZmHWt  |  European Job Benefits: http://bit.ly/2npugIY  |  O'Brien's gone: http://dnain.fo/2nbMa1h  |  Brauhaus gone: http://dnain.fo/2nGTWN2  |  Liz Warren here: http://dnain.fo/2npsU0u  |  Glow in the dark bike paths: http://bit.ly/2musuB6 &  http://bit.ly/1v9nvJe  |  And we end it with Le Gone's Apache: http://bit.ly/2npu9gr


RR15 - Masego, gOUT, Netflixing Schumer, Studio404, Directions, Things I Suck at/Talents, Duncan Gerow

March 14, 2017

15 on a Tuesday, it can get a permit, BOOM! Starting the show again with Masego, we're big in Virginia: http://bit.ly/2mqNdGW  |   Witnessed the artful horror of the masterful Jordan Peele's "Get Out" http://bit.ly/2j2gJoB  |  Watched the lovely crudeness of Amy Schumers new special: http://bit.ly/2mqsfai  |  And anticipating Chappelle's new one: http://usat.ly/2mqKPjv  |  And Netflix's eventual pivot to movie studio: http://on.mash.to/2nlVUGq  |  The powerful Posters of Ukranian Talent at 404 Studio: http://bit.ly/2mY0GJl  |  Answering "Moving in the right direction" http://bit.ly/2mHFQM2  |  My talents and suckiness: http://bit.ly/2nlWjsq  |  Chicago Snow: http://bit.ly/2mY9Ci6  |  We end the show with Duncan Gerow's Janet/112 Remix: http://bit.ly/2mqMXrs and Liverpool win!

RR13 -Croix, Intl. Women’s Day!, Marrying Purchases, Bosnian Illustrations, Strange Habits, Second Thoughts, Backwards Peace Walk, Pluto

March 9, 2017

The Baker's Dozen on the Ramble, #13.  We start of with the jams of Croix - You're The One: http://bit.ly/1UkCvyS  |   Happy Women's Day!: http://on.mash.to/2n1lmRJ  |  Get married to the shit you buy with a smart ring: http://bit.ly/2mDJmsP  |  The 3D illustrator of the day comes out Bosnia, Mr. Nermin Muminovic: https://dribbble.com/valencia  |  Questions on strange and weird habits: http://bit.ly/2mnRVHL  |  Answering Second Thoughts: http://bit.ly/2mln3WK  |  and the man who walked backwards 76 mil. steps for peace: http://bit.ly/2mltSI9  |   We end with the jams of Pluto - I won: http://bit.ly/2m4DUw8






RR12 - RR Tee’s!, Not You Neg.’s Mr. Peck, Lazy Superman, Malika Favre, Slotty Trump

March 7, 2017

Got the double 6 pack for ya with #12!  We start out with jams from the amazing S-type: http://bit.ly/2lC3pIR  |   Cop a RR Tee here:http://bit.ly/2lNQCBH  |   I ramble on about great people like The great Raoul Peck and his film 'I Am Not Your Negro' w/ Combat Jack:http://bit.ly/RBwRuE  |  and The great Malika Favre: http://bit.ly/1Fa2GNH  |  and the Great Superman who is being portrayed as lazy: http://on.mash.to/2mDyoUL  |  We get into some questions on Toronto, cute mistakes: http://bit.ly/2lVUP30  |  people who look like they have pHDs: http://bit.ly/2mDyJqv  |  Lincoln Park gets a new seafood place: http://bit.ly/2mzhyWH   |  but you can also get great seafood outside of Chicago:http://bit.ly/2mhbwaS  |  and we end it with fitting music by way of Kaytra produced, 'Average' from Lou Phelps: http://bit.ly/2mjWram  +  I got a new collabo web app called Slottytrump.com, where you can watch funny Trump videos: http://bit.ly/2nceGMA