#20up Hundaes opens w/ You You: http://bit.ly/2o6R8sW  |  The 34th best US Irish Bar is Chief O'Neill's in Avondale:http://dnain.fo/2mSIUn4  |  Chicago Weed & getting out of debt, Remember the names: Senator Heather Steans & Rep. Kelly Cassidy, both Democrats: http://dnain.fo/2nTUCQd  &  http://bit.ly/2mWM61M  |  Rappel down the 103rd to... the 102nd floor w/ new renovations: http://dnain.fo/2nEW8sd  & http://dnain.fo/2nTQmQL  |  And ESPN highlights our suckiness: http://bit.ly/2nKUqpJ  |  Living life for yourself: http://bit.ly/2mWKl4R  |  Get a Shrimp Taco at Holy Taco on Sheffield & Webster: http://bit.ly/2nTTLz8  |  And we briefly go over the old Japanese dude's question in "Get Out"  |  We end it w/ Jovin's Bounce Yuh: http://bit.ly/2nf8bLz


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