Happy Monday, Check out this baller mix "Clouds" by goldfishdragon and Maxim Ryder: http://bit.ly/2oEW9ZG  |  Obama is back and he's going to raise the Snapchat Democrats of tomorrow: http://bit.ly/2oZsP3q  |  I start blazin through Chicago Mag's Love, #59 http://chi.mg/2opFMoE  |  Being ageist about Opera and the Old Arts at #58: http://chi.mg/2pZIbpW   |  Not entirely sure how we came to the conclusion of pizza equilibrium, but here it is at #57 http://chi.mg/2pucJQC  |  Amazing time at the newest taco bar in LP, Broken English: http://bit.ly/2o8Kfqv  |   Had a great time with tapas at Black Bull in Wicker, watching the wild Clasico: http://bit.ly/2pu6WLa  |   I get introspective of what bombing means to me and it's test on my hardened , I don't give a fuck psyche.  |  I end it with the chill ass "Cherry" by http://bit.ly/2pYPqeL



More Episodes

RR30 - RIP C.Murph, F-Winter & Cold Weather Preparation, The Power of Story

April 12, 2017

#30 on a Wed. We start off with Chicago's own Melo: http://bit.ly/2oAJD0Z  |  I give it up to a comedy gem, Charlie Murphy RIP: http://bit.ly/2o7uFMx and my memories from watching him  |  Chicago Mag's 62nd love is Winter?!?!?! Get the Fuck out of here: http://chi.mg/2oAD924  |  And Lastly I ramble about stories in a different way than I originally think about them through Russell Brand's Pod, Under The Skin: http://bit.ly/2o7cOWo  |  We end it with High Class Filth's Wanna Know :http://bit.ly/2pvmrhN




RR20 - Hundaes, Chief O’Neill, Legalizing “It” with Sen. Steans & Rep. Cassidy, Rappeling down WIllis, Holy Taco & Race Sticks/ Race Stones, Jovin

March 22, 2017

#20up Hundaes opens w/ You You: http://bit.ly/2o6R8sW  |  The 34th best US Irish Bar is Chief O'Neill's in Avondale:http://dnain.fo/2mSIUn4  |  Chicago Weed & getting out of debt, Remember the names: Senator Heather Steans & Rep. Kelly Cassidy, both Democrats: http://dnain.fo/2nTUCQd  &  http://bit.ly/2mWM61M  |  Rappel down the 103rd to... the 102nd floor w/ new renovations: http://dnain.fo/2nEW8sd  & http://dnain.fo/2nTQmQL  |  And ESPN highlights our suckiness: http://bit.ly/2nKUqpJ  |  Living life for yourself: http://bit.ly/2mWKl4R  |  Get a Shrimp Taco at Holy Taco on Sheffield & Webster: http://bit.ly/2nTTLz8  |  And we briefly go over the old Japanese dude's question in "Get Out"  |  We end it w/ Jovin's Bounce Yuh: http://bit.ly/2nf8bLz


RR19 - DJ Quads, Tour De Fat, Lolla, Cubs Movie, Back to the Past, Fake Shore Drive Come Up, Ohio Chapelle, E-TY

March 21, 2017

#19, legal proper, no more barely shit.  1st, Giving love to DJ Quads' Hello: http://bit.ly/2lrytHb  |  Tour De Fat is moving downtown: http://dnain.fo/2n5tmOw  |  It's run by Quest Love of the Roots and you can get $30 tickets here: http://bit.ly/2nkMryE  |  Lolla tickets on sale tomorrow at 10: http://bit.ly/2n5pRHY  |  The Cubs are getting a book and a movie via David Ross: http://bit.ly/2nbAOJT  |  Change one decision in your past: http://bit.ly/2nQ1GgB  |  Fake Shore Drive and the Rambler: http://bit.ly/2o2JEac  |  Dave Chapelle in Ohio: http://bit.ly/2o2CSBr  |  We end it with E-TY's Tomorrow: http://bit.ly/2mNRdAy